Reclamation Art + Furniture, American Tree Medics Come Aboard

The last few weeks have been hectic and we are behind in announcing new, cool things. So here is a start!

Reclamation Art + Furniture has been doing things with reclaimed wood for many years and we are looking forward to supplying them with a new stream of material that can be repurposed. We are also looking into a kiln operation to make each of our operations more efficient.

We love this line from their website: "The modern objects created here are meant to be touched, used, worn and talked about." Yes!

Please visit them at

American Tree Medics, Inc. are consulting arborists with substantial experience throughout the tree mortality region. ATM is a woman-owned, public benefit corporation serving clients throughout Northern California.

The professional leadership have a combined 50 years experience in utility vegetation management (UVM), arboriculture and emergency response. Each of their foresters holds a certification from the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) and/or utility line clearance.

We also anticipate that ATM will lead our grant-writing efforts.

Check them out at

To reach our goal of re-purposing 25 million trees, we will need many partners. Are you one of them? Contact us at