Forest Innovations is lead by John Clerici, of Clerici Consulting, and Matt Boyer, of Matthew C. Boyer & Associates. Staffing is provided by Matthew C. Boyer & Associates.



John is one of the two Co-founders of Forest Innovations. John has a degree in forestry from UC Berkeley, and is an intergovernmental relations expert. John is the Mayor of the City of Placerville, as well as many regional governing boards and commisssions. 



Matt is the other Co-Founder of Forest Innovations. Matt has been a visionary public policy leader, and a 'get it done' Project Manager for more than 28 years. His experience includes 11 years as a local elected official and leadership roles in over 10 non-profit organizations.


Enrica jiang

Enrica leads our community outreach and engagement team.

She previously worked for the New York City Department of Environmental Protection where she specialized in public outreach. 



Forest Innovations is developing partnerships with public, private, and non-profit entities throughout California.


Habitat for Humanity of Greater Sacramento

Forest Innovations will donate lumber to Habitat for Humanity to use as construction materials in building housing for families in need. Habitat for Humanity will also be selling Forest Innovation material in their ReStores which are retail outlets that support local communities by selling building materials and repurposed items at affordable prices.


Westwood Charter School

Westwood Charter School is based in Westwood, California. A former logging town in Lassen County. Starting in Fall, 2017, Westwood Charter School will use wood from hospice trees in on-campus programs. Details to come!

Black Oak Mine Unified School District

Based in Georgetown, California, Black Oak Mine Unified School District is working with Forest Innovations to develop a campus-based program starting in Fall 2017. 


Sparrow Gallery

In 2018, Sparrow Gallery will be hosting a month-long show of art created using wood produced from hospice trees. Interested artists should contact us at


Reclamation Art + Furniture

Reclamation Art + Furniture, a studio dedicated to working with a unique combination of reclaimed and new materials, is led by artisan furniture maker-designer Steve Tiller. Forest Innovations will partner up with Reclamation Art + Furniture to create beautiful, lasting, handmade objects from our hospice trees.”



Forest Innovations has also developed associations with foresters, arborists, loggers, transport and logistics companies, and mills that are available to assist our project partners implement their visions.

American Tree Medics

American Tree Medics, Inc. are consulting arborists with substantial experience throughout the tree mortality region. They will be assisting Forest Innovations with tree evaluation. ATM is a woman-owned, public benefit corporation serving clients throughout Northern California