Forest Innovations is an initiative under the California nonprofit corporation Community Services 2050 (California corporation C3967892).

The Community Services 2050 mission is simple... to ensure that California remains a vibrant, sustainable state for the next generation. We have collected and mapped data that indicates that a growing portion of California is functionally and structurally unsound, and in decline. These regions, large and spreading, cannot contribute to that statewide vision.

A healthy California cannot exist with so much of it (geographically) in decline, and without viable solutions on the horizon.

Other enterprises within the Community Services 2050 organization include Ourea Communities and an 'unnamed' Statewide strategic planning project around the durability of Cities, independent special districts, and non-profit organizations that are the front-line service providers to the people of California.

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The forest Innovations MISSION

Our goal is to transform 25 million trees into educational opportunities in the region, and quality products for people and programs, worldwide.  Our partners are schools (public and private, traditional and charters), world-class artists, and wood-working artisans, and residential and tiny home builders.

What We've Achieved

  • Founded the Forest Innovations enterprise as a recognized nonprofit organization
  • Met with key stakeholders in the operation (government officials, educational institutions)
  • Made lasting connections with artists and artisans who can use the lumber
  • Developed a financial model and working business plan
  • Addressed crucial permitting restrictions and exemptions
  • Improved forest health by removing potential fuelwood for fires
  • Created jobs and educational programs along the way